HAVE YOU SEEN MY KIDS?  I HAVEN’T! PETS HAVE RIGHTS WHY NOT OUR CHILDREN? God is the one friend who will not turn away from you in your time of suffering and need.  Click on the Bible and one will be delivered to you. Click on the pen below to contact me Email I am not an attorney, psychologist, doctor, any kind of law enforcement or specialist in this field and I do not provide legal advice.  Being a victim of Parental Alienation, Parental Abductions and Parental Kidnappings I know first hand what so many others parents and children are going through.  The information contained in this email and on the websites www.WheresDADDY.org and www.AChildsRights.org are my personal opinion and right to freedom of speech being exercised.  Any offense or presumed violation of any laws, ordinances or codes is based on your own personal belief.  Note that the information contained in these sites is not legal advice, I am not an attorney, the information may not be correct, accurate or current and is subject to each individual interpretation. You agree to hold me harmless and have  been informed of such.    Specific cases are where there may be just cause this information does not apply and is not held to judicial standards because it is the person opinion or personal experience.   Information was collected from personal, private and public sources which I have no control over. Site Founded June 25, 2007 - All Rights Reserved. WheresDADDY.ORG, WheresMOMMY.ORG & AChildsRights.ORG MAY GOD FORGIVE YOU OF YOUR SINS & TRANSGRESSIONS PUT FATHERS BACK IN THE FAMILIES This site is under construction.  Some of the pages  contain data while others do not yet.  Check back for  updates.  Within this website you will find a number  of serious topics which have brought great debate,  controversy and passion.  We will discuss the He  said...She said...They said perspective of each of  these topics. Miracles happen.  Will you be that  Miracle that makes a difference for a child? HOSTAGE CHILDREN BABIES 4 BANK KENNEL KIDS CASH 4 KIDS CHILD SUPPORT ADOPTION CUSTODY FOSTER As I have been informed by some women I do not have the right to say anything about women because I am a man.   But if you really look at what I am saying you will see that I am not talking about myself or about men.  I do speak  about fathers but my primary purpose and intent is to show what children are going through and being subjected to  by the mothers, the fathers, law enforcement, attorneys, and far too many government agencies who all claim that  they have are working for the best interest of the child.  This is exactly what the American Indians were told.  So take  a long walk through this and my other website and you will see that children are being abused by everyone while  hardly anyone stands up for them.